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Though Pisa is best known for the Leaning Tower, there are many more interesting sights and places to visit on a trip to this beautiful Tuscan city.

The Duomo and its baptistery, a monumental cemetery, the Orto Botánico, and the Piazza dei Miracoli are only a couple of the most beautiful attractions in Pisa. This city is also home to some great festivals, including the Metarock Festival and the International Holy Music Festival.

This guide aims to acquaint you with some of the city's must-see architecture and must-do activities. Check out what to see in Pisa to learn about the places of Pisa, or visit our section dedicated to accommodations in Tuscany and villas in Italy where you can find the perfect boutique hotel, villa, or apartment for your vacation.

Look at our suggestions for where to eat and drink in Pisa and try some authentic Tuscan cuisine. Learn about the festivals of Pisa in the when to go section. In other sections, we suggest the best shops to buy typical souvenirs, local products, and original clothes and jewellery, the best way to get around in Pisa, and the best clubs and bars to be found in Pisa.