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The weather in Pisa is typical of the Mediterranean sea, in particular, central and southern Italy. If you need to know what the weather is like in Pisa town today, the next days and the extended forecast please link:

How could one imagine visiting Pisa and leaving out other wonders in Tuscany?…sea and hills, coastal towns, art and culture await there.
The weather in Tuscany can be described in one word beyond all details: mildness. As the landscape is varied there are some differences between the lie of the land. Tuscany is a land of rolling hills, fertile valleys and sun-drenched beaches.. Rainier days characterize the hills in contrast with the coast towns and the valleys which have hotter days than them.
If some seasons should be highlighted to visit Tuscany, the Italian spring and autumn are the best periods: days are finer, there are more activities outdoor to join such as hot ballooning and sports, tourists are fewer and prices are more affordable than in the peak season. This situation changes when the summer comes and with it unreasonable prices and intense heat.
The summer especially July and August turn very hot with temperatures being higher in towns and there is shortness of rain. The area becomes very busy, full of tourists here and there from Italy and foreign countries. 23ºC and 30ºC are typical temperatures in July and 38ºC to 4OºC are typical of the valleys.
Days are fresher when the typical rain of mid- August arrives. September still has hot days. October is maybe the most recommendable moment to holiday in the region due to its clearer days, lower humidity and shining days. Another good reason are the streets with fewer people in them.
With the arrival of November autumn days become colder and mark the nearness of the olive harvest, an activity that annually has many foreign fans visiting the area.
In the winter expect low temperatures ranging from 3.5°C to 5.5°C inland and 7ºC on the coast.