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The Leaning Tower (Picture 2) is known as the city's monument, and is by far the most familiar landmark of Pisa. However, because of the city's involvement in some of the most important historical events of italy, Pisa has many different, churches, palaces, fortresses, and towers to be admired. Certainly, on a trip to Pisa one must visit the Piazza del Duomo, commonly known as the Piazza dei Miracoli. There is also a strong vibe for young people here: out of the 90,000 inhabitants Pisa, 60,000 are students.


Not To Be Missed


Climb up the 300-step staircase to the top of the Leaning Tower and see the town from a slanted point of view.


Indulge yourself in one of the spas in Casciana Terme or San Giuliano Terme.


Enjoy the passeggiata, an Italian tradition of taking a walk in the evening that is popular with students.


Witness the liveliness any of the period celebrations such as the Gioco del Ponto or the Regatta of the Four Maritime Republic held in June.


Spend some time browsing the art bedecking monuments in the Piazza del Duomo.