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The Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics (Regatta della Antiche Repubbliche Marinare) (late May or early June; venue: one of the towns each year) A multicolour parade and boat procession followed by the competition between Pisa, Venice, Amalfi and Genoa, represented by teams of 8 men each. They row along the Arno for a 2-km stretch. This race of many editions now have commemorated for years the rivalry between the marine republics in the peninsula. As the race is held in the different towns each year every four year it is Pisa’s turn to be the host.
The Battle of the Bridge (Gioco del Ponto) (last Sunday of June ; venue: Ponto di Mezzo;) Re-enactment of a mediaeval battle with period costume included. Tramontana (to the north of the Arno) and Mezzogiorno (to the south of the Arno) represented by 20 contestants each take part in the procession and then take the bridge by charging at a 70ton-cart to send the competitor off the Ponto di Mezzo. The competition ends when one of the flags of a team falls to the river.


Luminaria (16th June) An evening celebration with torches and candles lights twinkling along the lungarni in honour of San Ranieri, Pisa’s patron saint, the view of Pisa’s riverfront and the Leaning Tower lighted by torches and candles is fabulous. Over 70000 candles lighting the lungarni make an unsurpassed beautiful festive place to admire. Activities and a display of firework are part of this celebration.

The Regatta di San Ranieri (17th June) Four teams of oarsmen in a race wearing period costumes also to honour the patron saint. The celebration originated in the Middle Ages. Each team representing the four downtown quarters have a colour of each own with white being the only colour in common.


Metarock Festival (June-July) Big groups such as Evanescence have played in it.


The International Festival of Holy Music (September-October; venue: Piazza dei Miracoli, in the cathedral) The main one of its sort throughout the country. Italian and foreign symphonies and choirs gather to give fantastic performances.


Premio Nazionale Letterario Pisa (end of October or early November).


Pisa Book Festival and Pisa Book Juniors (both in October; free admission) piles of book to enjoy this celebration for book lovers. Publishers and readers meet in Pisa. Mainly books in Italian though there are also some English titles.


Pisa Vini (last weekend of November; venue: Convent of Santa Croce) Its theme is the Pisan production of white and red wine. Tasting of wine and Tuscan cuisine to know, enjoy and buy.


Cinema Nuove (Piazza Stazione) Art cinema